Ausstellung im Atelier Paul Landerl,  Wien Berggasse 29

6. – 17. März 2018

Reinhard J. Sieder’s Pure Painting

curated by Pedro Henrique de Melo

„The creative process starts with the application of wet plaster on canvas or wood. The motion of hands, the scrape of the spatula, the mix of colors and texture slowly reveal the narrative, with mostly stays non-figurative.  New forms, shapes and colors interact which each other, giving way to new unexpected effects.

Sometimes, however, forms become symbolic. Human, animal and floral figures inhabit the canvas. The synergy between the abstract and the symbolic, between paint, texture and movement creates a new kind of artwork that captivates, intrigues or perplexes the viewer.“

(Quote from the opening speech of curator Pedro Henrique de Melo)


Atelier Paul Landerl, Foyer: weiß-schwarze Bilder
Atelier Paul Landerl, großer Saal: pure painting
(r) Wanda Moser-Heindl und Freund/innen
(v.r.) Leon Ahlers (Geolad), Pedro Henrique de Melo (Kurator), Wolfgang Loth (Psychotherapeut), Zoran Bodrozic (Architekt), RJS
Brot und Wein
(l) Paul Landerl (Photograph), RJS, Pedro Henrique de Melo (Kurator)
(l) Birgit Wagner (Prof. f. Romanistik u. Kulturwissenschaft), RJS

Nach dem Fest